PIO and Vivelle – Tips and Tricks

I don’t think I’ve ever been happier for the weekend.  Work has been great but oh so hectic, by the time I get home at night I pretty much eat and go straight to bed, the earlier the better.   I’m 6 weeks 2 days today and I don’t have a ton of symptoms, but I’m thankful for each and every one of them.  Mostly I am very tired and super low energy, by the weekend all I do is lay around and order my husband around the house.  I’ve had some feelings of nausea but nothing too bad so far (and it makes me feel better when I feel pukey).  My boobs still hurt and they are HUGE – at least huge for me.  I am normally a 32B and I’m pretty sure I’m up to at least a C now, which is crazy.  I am waiting until after the ultrasound on Monday to actually buy a new bra, somehow I can’t actually move forward in fully embracing all of this until we know that little Olive Martini is alive in there.  Let’s see, what else – I wake up to pee at least once a night, was scared that I wasn’t having to do that last week but it kicked in about 3 days ago, so that also makes me feel better.  And the dreams, I have some really fucked up dreams now – one in which my sister went on a machine gun rampage (for no particular reason) after which I woke up scared to death yesterday morning until I realized it was just a dream.  Oh and I can barely button my pants, which logically I realize is completely all bloat and zero to do with the fact that there is hopefully something alive in there, it makes dressing for work very ‘creative’.  All in all, just so very grateful to be here, but I realize from so many other stories how far we have to go.  So we’re taking it one day at a time and remaining happy that we have each day.

As promised here is what I’ve learned from 2 rounds of doing PIO and Vivelle (obviously the other round was very short lived).  A big thank you to CoalescedReverie who gave me some much needed tips for this round, they are included below!


For the PIO my husband does the actual shots, I have done one myself once while traveling overnight – and it actually wasn’t too bad.  I watched a ton of YouTube videos on how to self shoot-up PIO and they came in handy.   Sidenote – it is amazing what people will put on YouTube.  Most of the videos just showed people rolling their pants down to their hips, but there was one lady that was seriously completely nude from the waist down – there was literally nothing left to the imagination.  And she even showed her face in the video – I’m not sure I would ever want both my ass and face on YouTube for all (including future employers, etc) to see  – but it was super helpful.

Anyway, here are the steps:

1.  Warm PIO in heating pad at 127 degrees (my heating pad has the ability to set the exact temp – but I think medium would work fine as well) for about 15 minutes

2.  Rub Arnicacare Arnica Gel on the side that you are shooting up at there same time you start heating up the oil – 15 minutes prior to the shot.  Arnica gel is a natural pain relief gel that doesn’t have anything nasty like chemicals or parabens, you can get it online or at stores like WholeFoods.  http://www.arnicare.com/about/arnicare-topicals/

3.  Draw oil into the syringe with the insanely large looking needle, tap out air bubbles, etc (like any other injection)

4.  Switch to smaller (but still insanely large looking) needle – we use a 22 1 1/2 gage needle.   Push the plunger to get a tiny drop of PIO on the needle tip – my husband swears it makes it go in easier.

5.  Wipe the area with alcohol swab and then do the actual injection – I think it hurts less if he goes in more slowly and less like a dart (what they told us originally).  Pull the plunger back to check for blood (so far we’ve been lucky there) and then inject.  Leave the syringe in for 10 seconds just to make sure all the oil goes in.

6.  Remove the needle, wipe off any blood and then massage in more arnica gel.  Make sure to massage in for at least a couple of minutes to try and prevent lumps.

That’s it, pretty straight forward, but this round of PIO has gone way better than the last round where my ass was lumpy and numb for weeks.

Vivelle Tips

This part is a little simpler, but those little fuckers are super sticky so I’ve found one thing that helps.  Basically take any oil, I use coconut oil because it’s all natural and I use it as body lotion sometimes.  M sent me this tip and she had been using baby oil, so that works as well.  Rub a ton of the oil on top of the patch you want to remove, and as you pull back the corners massage the oil under the patch.  It helps remove the adhesive and make it not quite as painful to pull the little bastard off.  Make sure you shower or wash the area with soap and water first before you stick on a new patch, as you want the new patch to be able to adhere well.

That’s it for now, I am off to boss my husband around how to prepare my dinner and lay on the couch.  Will hopefully catch up a little bit more tomorrow and accept the lovely award that I’ve been sent.  Hope everyone is having a lovely evening – and a special congratulations to my friend Kiftsgate on her amazing beta, I am super excited for her and believe this is just the first of many wonderful milestones to come!


3 thoughts on “PIO and Vivelle – Tips and Tricks

  1. Interesting… we used to ice the area before. Never heard if the OTC numbing gel. Just an FYI from a former chemistry teacher…no such thing as a product without chemicals, since all matter is composed of chemicals…my pet peeve.

    • Thanks – I totally thought after I wrote it that it was a stupid statement, but laziness kept me from updating it to something more factually correct 🙂

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