Fuck Yeah INDEED

Bet no one’s ever titled a post about a baby with this title, but I think it is fitting as this is the slogan that got us to this point over the last 7 months of this round of IVF.  After 3 years of heartbreak, multiple rounds of TI, 3 IUIs and 3 grueling rounds of IVF we actually have a real live little baby Olive Martini growing inside me!

photo 1-6

Little olive is measuring 6 weeks 3 days (I am 6w4d – but they said anywhere +/- 5 days is great).  And we saw and HEARD a heartbeat at 125 bpm, and saw the blood flow to the baby!  This new monitoring clinic was fucking awesome, they used their very highest resolution and tech machine so that we could be sure to see and hear everything, and the nurse practitioner took a ton of time with us pointing everything out multiple times and going into all the detail.  It was seriously just the best experience outside of CCRM that we could possibly have had this morning.

Thank you again for all of your support, and I know there are so many out there that are still struggling and in the depths of despair (I have been there so many times over the past 3 years).  I wish you all of the hope and peace and love in this world and thank you for all that you have done for me.  I completely understand if this is hard for you to see and follow, do what is best for you and your heart, but know that regardless I am here cheering you on every single day and that I always have your back in this struggle.

Now I actually have to somehow concentrate on work today – will post more soon on next steps once I hear back from CCRM this afternoon.


52 thoughts on “Fuck Yeah INDEED

  1. AHHHHHHHH THIS IS SO AMAZING! You have been through so much to get here, and look at that beautiful baby! I’m so, so happy for you!

    Since you did genetic testing, do you know the sex or are you waiting to find out? Or did you put in one of each?

    • Thank you so much! CCRM won’t tell us about the sex until later (I think about 8-9 weeks) and I’m not sure what they will do if of the two they were different sexes, I guess then we won’t know for a while. This is a good question for me to ask when they call me later today – as I definitely want to know, I am not the type of person that can wait to find out until the end!

      • Neither am I. I wanted to know ASAP. You can also do a cell free DNA test at 9+ weeks and find out the sex that way. It was offered to us at our 13 week appointment, and we jumped at the opportunity. The sooner the better 🙂

    • Thank you so very much! And I can’t remember if I commented on your blog or not, but I loved the messages from your mom around hope and not giving up, even though they may not have been meant for you at the original time, I think they were meant to find their way to you at this time in your life. And reading them provided me some help in all the uncertainty leading up to this point. Just wanted to pass that along if I hadn’t already 🙂

      • Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so honoured that my mom’s words were able to provide you some much needed help as well!
        Best wishes to you – I will be looking forward to more happy updates!

  2. This seriously makes my day! I was laughing out loud reading that title but it also gives me so much happiness to know that the little heart is flickering away! This is like the best news ever! Grow baby grow!

    • Haa, so glad I can bring some humor to your day and thank you so much for all your support. I am so hopeful that you will have news like this very soon, can’t wait to hear about the next steps in your cycle!

    • Thank you! I expect you to be right behind me :). And got your note about the follow up beta on FRIDAY – that is torture to make you wait that long! Hope you can be happy this week and revel in being pregnant (easier said than done, but I am trying my best to live outside the fear and enjoy this as long as it lasts), will be sending good thoughts your way!

  3. I am so freaking happy for you hon!!! Yay!! Way to go Olive Martini! I am praying all continues to go perfect hon. I can’t wait for your next update!

  4. Fricking awesome news!!! Is there any sweeter sound than that first heartbeat!!! Only trumped for me by the first sound of crying, which I am hoping that you will hear in around 33 weeks time. All the best for the most boring, uneventful pregnancy ever!!!

    • Thank you! I very much look forward to hearing the sound of crying, just hoping now that things continue to go well and I would love to have the very most boring and uneventful pregnancy ever! After everything to get here it would be nice if something could just go smoothly 🙂

  5. Best. News. Ever!!! So, so very happy for you. I wish you the happiest, healthiest, easiest of pregnancies. Many hugs, and can’t wait to hear about what comes next!

    • Thanks, I always have felt the same way, incredibly happy when one of us could make it out of this hellhole with at least a shred of dignity and sanity left. I just fucking hate for you how your last cycle ended, life is unfair, and all of this seems like so much of a crapshoot at times. Sending my love and hope that this next FET is the one that gets you out of the trenches.

    • Thanks, fuck yeah right back at ya!! I am so happy about the doubling and have a good feeling that it’s going to continue to kickass on Thursday!

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