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Since our amaze balls ultrasound I’ve played a bunch of phone tag with CCRM so it’s taken a few days, but here is the latest on the plan.

1.  Estrogen level is 303 – they want me above 300 so I am remaining on my Vivelle patch every other day and the estradiol 2 mg that I take 3 times a day

2.  Progesterone is at 37 – they want it above 20 so we are going to start weaning a bit by removing the lunchtime suppository that I’ve been doing.  Yay, less discharge!  PIO is still going strong, but we’ll see after the next ultrasound.

3.  Next ultrasound is at 8 weeks 4 days – October 20th!  The monitoring clinic suggested getting an OB appointment on the books as well so that is scheduled for the 21st.  CCRM I don’t think will release me that early but I figure if it will get me additional ultrasounds and make sure I can do all the non-invasive testing it doesn’t hurt anything to start early.  Sidenote – still freaks me the fuck out that I even scheduled this but in the spirit of embracing this pregnancy fully, I’m going with it.

4.  And this is the holy shit moment – apparently CCRM changed their policy recently, it used to be that you could find out the gender (it’s 95% accurate as is the rest of the CCS testing) when you got released to the OBGYN but now they will tell you after your first ultrasound if all looks good.  So my nurse asked me if we wanted to find out and I hesitated for not even a second and said, yes, definitely!  And then I asked what about the fact that we put in 2 embryos and only 1 made it, if they are different sexes wouldn’t we not know?  So she checked and they are the same sex, but she couldn’t tell me what the gender actually was, she said Dr G would need to do it.  So I emailed Dr G (he got back to me right away, he is so awesome) and asked if he could leave it on my voicemail on Friday so the husband and I could listen together.  So fucking crazy that we will find out if little martini is an olive or an oliver this week!  My sister asked if it would make me more attached just in case something goes wrong, and I thought about it for a second and realized that we are already in love head over heals with this little baby, and that knowing or not knowing the gender won’t do anything if this all goes wrong.  We would be devastated either way.  So Friday it is!  Now just looking at ideas for how to tell the Moms and my sister what we’re having!  Thinking of sending them gender reveal cakes or booties or something, will be exciting to hear about their reactions!  Honestly this is the only perk I’ve found so far of doing  this 7 month IVF with CCS testing process instead of getting knocked up like a normal person – it’s so crazy cool to me to be able to find out the gender this early.

That’s it for now, symptoms are still not too terrible, had to buy bigger bras yesterday (crazy for this small chested 32B) and woke up this morning with a huge headache and some queasiness – which made me super happy, the sicker I feel the happier that makes me right now.

Will update after we find out if this little one is a he or a she!


19 thoughts on “The Latest

  1. You’re so lucky… Back when I was at ccrm they didn’t tell you the gender at all. This was 2010 and 2012.

  2. I’m 15 weeks and still feel funny telling people, when they ask if we want to find out what we are having, that we already know (and did before I actually knew I was pregnant, since our clinic will tell us at transfer! ) but I agree, it’s a total perk! Can’t wait to hear about the little martini!

  3. yey!! so glad everything is going well!! I can’t believe how advanced things are where you are IVFfing: you can already know the sex of the baby!?!?! that’s craaaazy! I agree with you, you’ll already be very attached to the baby, knowing the sex won’t change that much. But it’ll be cool to know. We’ll be scan buddies: if all goes well tomorrow I’ll also have a scan on October 20, though I’m of course a bit behind.. Hope all will continue for the best! big hug. xx

    • Thanks! It is cool to know, even though it continues to make it all so much more real, which is a little scary. I have the highest of hopes for October 20th to be the best day ever!

  4. Oh good, I am glad you are doing a “reaveal-y” type thing for moms and sis. That will be the most “normal” pregnancy thing you will have done so far!! I get jealous of the “we’re pregnant” reveal and then gender reveal that all these fertile do. I like a party! I want my fucking party!! So excited for you…

    • It felt weird and good to do something normal. And you deserve your fucking party – when it comes (and it will come after this next FET, I demand it to be so) I will throw you that fucking party!

  5. Oh you get to know the sex of the baby!!!! This is so cool. Another great reason to do CCS, I guess.
    So glad you’re feeling queasy and sick(I know, it feels really weird typing that out but you know what I mean). Watching this space for the update:-).

  6. Holy shit balls! I can’t believe you get to find out the sex of the baby so soon! There should be a perk to the crazyness you have been through to get your little olive/oliver.

    Enjoy your big boobies, hopefully they stop hurting soon! Or don’t I love all the symptoms even if they are painful or your puking, because if your pregnant!

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