8 weeks 4 days and paying it forward

Had the second ultrasound today, I was almost as nervous as the first one, I had no evidence that anything was going badly, but also no proof that anything is happening in there since the last ultrasound.  Luckily we got in right away and the nurse at the lovely monitoring clinic got the dildocam in and after a brief second where we saw nothing (hadn’t moved it up enough I guess) she found the baby and was able to point out the heartbeat.  I exhaled a huge sigh of relief and marveled at how big she looks now compared to last week.  Heartbeat was strong at 174 and she is even measuring a day ahead at 8 weeks 5 days.  She doesn’t really look like a baby at all, mostly like a blob, but definitely the cutest blob I have ever seen!

Here’s a crappy picture of the printout from my phone:


Overall I am feeling pretty good, nothing like I used to feel pre-pregnancy, but I’m able to function so I count that as doing well.  I have some moments of pretty bad nausea (still haven’t thrown up) but it is manageable.  Mostly I freak out a little bit when I feel like I don’t feel crappy enough, so when a bought of nausea hits it continues to reassure me.  I am ready to go to sleep by 8 pm and wake up a few times each night to pee.  I have had weird food cravings – the other night I demanded kraft macaroni and cheese and yesterday while driving past a taco bell I really, really wanted a bean burrito (which I haven’t had since college).

With the continued good news (it is still so weird to be getting good news after 3 years of bad news) I have decided to take a few more leaps of faith, however small.  One, I have ordered a few Bella bands for my expanding midsection.  As I can no longer comfortably button my pants, and I need to wear said pants to work and out of the house, I figured that with the good news today it was time to do something to solve this problem.  Two, I have some gon.al f, cetro.cide, and a little men.opur left over from IVF #3 at my mom’s house.  Would love to share these with any of you that are going into an IVF round and need these brand/type of medications in the near future (most of them expire at some point in 2015).  Shoot me a comment or email with your details!


32 thoughts on “8 weeks 4 days and paying it forward

  1. So happy for you! Will continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy . I have been following your blog (including my hope jar and barren Betty) for almost a year now and I truly admire your patience and determination. You have been my inspiration and a constant reminder that someday, at the right time, we’ll be blessed with a healthy baby. Me and my husband too have been trying for 2 years with countless IUI’s and 2 cancelled IVF cycles. We have been on the wait list for almost a year now to see the “best” RE in SF Bay Area, but was told that once we have our initial consult, then IVF cycle starts right away or the following cycle . If you haven’t given away your injectables yet, I’ll be happy to take them. Thanks in advance and take care!

    • Thank you for following my story and the well wishes and prayers! Unfortunately someone emailed me about a second after I posted so I have already sent out the meds, makes me wish I had enough meds to send to everyone :(. Hoping with everything that you get in for the consult for the RE in SF and that you guys can get started soon on IVF!

      • Thanks. No worries. Sending positive vibes to that person and hopefully result in a healthy pregnancy. I am extremely happy for you and I can’t wait to hear more about your progress and baby blob 😃 Take care!

  2. HA. It does sound like weird food cravings. Did you end up getting the tacos?? I am so so thrilled for you that the scan went so well! Baby looks like she’s doing great!!!

    • Thanks my dear, someone emailed me right away so I have sent the drugs, I wish I had enough to send to everyone. I am so sorry for your loss, you are handling it with such strength and grace (even if it doesn’t feel that way sometimes). I hope that you are able to take off as much time as you need.

    • Thanks! We had our first OB appointment this week as well – was totally surreal to be there like a normal pregnant person. Luckily my OB was also my gynecologist and first referred us to the RE, so she knows my story. She was thrilled to see us back and pregnant and spent a lot of time answering questions and even doing a bonus ultrasound even though we had one earlier in the week, she wanted to see the miracle baby :). Next step is the NT scan in about 3 weeks as well as a bunch of blood tests to confirm that the genetic testing we did at CCRM is all good (it was 95% accurate, this one is supposed to be 99%). I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable but wish I could fast forward out of the first trimester – am thinking of ordering a doppler so I can listen to her heartbeat weekly and have a bit more reassurance. What are your next steps?

      • very exciting lovely!
        I’m going back for a last appointment with the RE on about 2 weeks, then I’ll have to find an OB. The RE suggested one person and that I should go there in about a month and a half but I think I may go earlier, to see if I like him.

  3. Love this! The first trimester is so scary between ultrasounds. A good ultrasound would keep me calm for a few days, and then I would be back to worrying. And I hated the nausea, but I also hated the fear when I wasn’t nauseous, so it was a vicious cycle. And to think there are women who just get a positive pee stick and confidently go months without an ultrasound. Pregnancy is so, so different after infertility.

    • This is so true, I am on cloud 9 ultrasound day and then some of the fear starts to creep back in. Am thinking of getting a doppler just for some additional reassurance. I cannot imagine normal people that get a positive test and just start planning a nursery, there is no part of me that can at all picture how that must be.

  4. I am so beyond happy for you hon! I too had cravings for bean and cheese burritos from taco bell when I was in the first trimester! How funny! Continuing to keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. What a happy post and I love that photo! Totally agree with a comment above about pregnancy being different after infertility and/or loss. I hold my breath at each ultrasound, even now that I can feel our little one kicking.

    • Thanks! I don’t think I will ever not hold my breath and am hoping I have many more ultrasounds in my future. Congratulations on making it to the third trimester!

  6. Such a cute baby blob:). Cheers to little Olive! Such a happy, moving forward-ish post. I start cycling in Nov(will chat more offline about that), so count me in the queue for meds. Take care of yourself, hope you keep feeling crummy-good.

  7. Hello beautiful little blob! That is a lovely strong heartbeat you have! Keep making mommy sick as hell, but try to let her eat, too, okay? And remind her to keep posting pics for her stalkers xx

    • Thanks! Sickness is not so bad – it appears to be getting a bit better (which of course freaks me out but trying to just let that go). How are you doing – how many weeks are you now?

      • The coming and going of symptoms is MADDENING. I cried with relief every ultrasond until a friend sent me her dopplar to use. Even just using it once a week was so comforting. I’m 25 weeks now! Third tri is coming up fast and I can barely believe it.

    • Thanks, I have high hopes for your current cycle! Unfortunately someone emailed right after the post and I already sent the meds, I wish I had enough to send to everyone that needs them.

    • Things are good, just have been so tired and yucky feeling that haven’t done much other than work and sleep. Finally updated the blog yesterday, you are so sweet to check in!

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