Perfectly Normal

The actual words used by our ultrasound tech at the end of the NT scan – ‘everything looks perfectly normal’.  One more hurdle passed and huge sigh of relief exhaled.

Woke up the morning before the NT scan and decided that I would use my trusty doppler to get some reassurance before the scan.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find the heartbeat during the first 15 minutes so proceeded to silently freak the fuck out while getting ready and drying my hair.  I decided to take one more go at it and found the heartbeat right away, couldn’t get it for very long but long enough to know that she was still alive in there.

Got to the NT scan and they had told me to start chugging water at 8:30, the scan was at 9:45.  So by the time I got there I had to pee incredibly badly.  I had another huge water bottle of water so decided to pee and then chug more, using my expertise at embryo transfers and knowing that it doesn’t take much time to get the bladder to the state where it is uncomfortably full but not so full that it’s agonizing (who knew that would come in handy, thanks IVF).  We had the actual scan at an ultrasound place and not at the doctor’s office as they send all their patients to this specialist place for the NT and 20 week scan (maybe every OB does this, still not an expert at this pregnancy stuff).  The tech started right away and told us that she could see the heartbeat.  Baby did not want to keep still, she was moving and dancing all over the place so the tech had a hard time getting the measurements, but was good for us because we got to watch her for longer.  It was crazy how much she was moving, I can’t get it out of my mind, it was so surreal to think that what I was seeing was inside of me.  We got to see pretty much all of her since she was in movement for the majority of the scan.  She finally settled down a bit and allowed for the measurements and location of the nasal bone.  The tech was able to see and confirm the nasal bone and got a bunch of measurements for the nuchal fold – the average of those was 1.3, she said they want to see it below 3.5 so that was a good measurement.  Baby was measuring 55 mm (right on track for 12 weeks, we were 11 weeks 6 days yesterday) and had a heart beat of 154.

Now I am just waiting for the MaterniT21 results to come back – did that last friday and they said two weeks so sometime in the next week or so.  After that I’m thinking I will tell my boss and my team (a lot of my team already know since they knew we were doing IVF) as I am rapidly expanding and I’m running out of big sweaters.  Don’t know if it’s bloat or that I have a very short waist but in the last few days there is an obvious something at my waist, it still looks more like a beer gut than baby, but it definitely there and bigger as the day goes on :).

Hope everyone out there is well – sending love for those of you in the horrific trenches.  If there is anything I can do or any advice on my experience with CCRM or IVF that would make it a little bit easier, please message or email me.  Anything at all that I can pass along I would love to be able help in any way that I can.


21 thoughts on “Perfectly Normal

    • Thank you, it is starting to feel much more real! Sorry to see the news about your cycle but am so hopeful for the next cycle and all those wonderful little frozen embryos you have so far.

  1. Normal has always seemed like a damnation to me, but there is no sweeter word while pregnant. Normal is all I ask. So happy little girl is swimming and wriggling away! Wait until you can FEEL the wriggles. It gets so real. I’m so excited for you 🙂

    • Exactly, would be thrilled if this little girl bucks normal and becomes whoever and whatever makes her happy, but for pregnancy and medical procedures I will happily accept the normal label 🙂

  2. Our Wee Beanie had a wonderful time during our NT scan. Stood on his head and flipped 180… Was hikarious. So unbelievable all that’s happening inside and we can’t feel a thing!

    So glad to hear everything is looking so good xxx

    • I know, it’s so crazy to think that all of that is happening and we can’t feel it at all! So happy to hear that everything is going well for you as well – it’s fun to be pretty close in due dates!

  3. So so happy for the “Perfectly normal” outcome. It goes well with boring pregnancy. The Doppler experience sounds scary. If I have nay doubts about it, I have none left now! I do hope it becomes easier to use so you don’t panic in the future..
    Hope the tests come back with all normal too so you can start telling people and just enjoying it. Big hug. xx

    • Thanks! I tried it today and had more luck a bit higher now that I the NT scan tech told me that my uterus was up pretty high for this point. Hope all is wonderful with you as well!

    • Thanks! Was over the moon thrilled to see your wonderful betas, cannot wait to see your next update and am hoping to see even more good news as you hit the next milestone.

  4. Yay! So happy it went well! I know for me the first trimester dragged on so badly, but after that, it started to go so fast! I hope you’re feeling well and that every day you feel a little less scared.

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