Planes, Trains and Automobiles…

Is the short answer to the question of where I have been.  I’ve been done with traveling for a few weeks now and had a grand plan to do a massive update with bunches of pretty pictures and travel stories.  Annoying things like remodeling our house and work have gotten in the way so I will attempt to show a few pictures and stories and catch you guys up to all the things that are going on with me lately.

First – the trip to Hawaii

Princeville, Kauai

Princeville, Kauai

We went to Hawaii in mid January.  This was a trip that we got a great deal on about a year and a half ago but kept putting off and putting off due to not being able to do anything except deal with IVF (oh the years of not being able to plan a simple vacation, one of the many fuck yous of infertility).  So before the transfer we had no more options to be able to push it off again and decided to just book it and we would go – either happily pregnant or to drink heavily in the sun.  Obviously it worked out well and we were able to go with me at about 20 weeks pregnant.  We had an amazing 9 days on the island of Kauai – and I read books, ate (and ate, and ate) sat by the ocean and the pool and managed to do some walking and some yoga.  It was definitely a different vacation than usual – typically there are lots of umbrella drinks during multiple points in the day, but obviously I didn’t miss any of that this time (Ok, maybe a tiny bit during the sunset or when the couple next to me ordered a bottle of rose at the beach, but what do you expect, I am a lush at heart, after all).

Next up – Europe

Beautiful stained glass in a church in Paris

photo 2

German bierhaus

I decided that I would do one last work trip to Europe while I could still travel so after 4 days of being home from Hawaii I boarded a plane from Seattle to London.  Traveling sans my blessed Ambien and having to get up and walk around every hour was definitely different.  I did get a bit of sleep on the flight over, but not much.  Oh and we had, hands down, the worst turbulence that I have ever had while crossing the jet stream over Vancouver.  We are talking bouncing up and down in the seats so much that you actually needed the seatbelt to keep you from coming out of the seat itself.  I don’t mind flying but this shit was too much, was happy to be in a very large plane instead of something smaller.  Got to London, did one night there with an early dinner and walk, woke up at 3:30 am with jet lag (a recurring theme) and then flew to Frankfurt for work meetings in Germany for a week.  Germany was a lot of work and the weather was very cold and rainy but fun to see a little bit of Heidelberg and met with a bunch of new colleagues that were lovely and helpful.  From there took the train to Paris in order to limit my flying and was able to spend a weekend with a colleague in Paris which involved lots and lots of pastries, cheese and the occasional glass of wine (I do have the occasional glass, my doctor said that a glass or two of red wine a week does zero harm and could actually help a bit with blood flow and relaxation as long as it’s with food and consumed very slowly).  Also got to see the amazing Kiftsgate who invited me to her home and gave me the opportunity to meet her mother and have some of her mother’s tortellini straight from Bologna (so, so, so good, seriously, so good).  Seeing her and getting to meet her husband and mother was definitely the highlight of my trip.  Did some work meetings in Paris on Monday and then took the train back to London on Monday evening to do a day in our UK office before heading back home to Seattle on Wednesday.  Overall a great trip, but I did miss being able to take my melatonin at night and coffee in the morning to help with the jet lag – finally got over it about 7 days in and then it was tough to get back on Seattle time once I got back here.

And the final trip – Chicago

One of my very best friends is getting married in Detroit at the end of April.  I won’t be able to travel by then so decided to put together a girls weekend while I could still fly comfortably.  Since my three closest friends are in the middle of the country, and one just moved to Chicago we decided to do Chicago.  Sounds like a great idea, right?  And it would have been, except for the fact that it was during the coldest weekend since 1924 or some shit.  And I only have one jacket that fits me right now, and it is more of a Seattle winter is 40 degrees here jacket than a cold as fuck Chicago jacket.  We did have a great time, but since we couldn’t really walk around we spent a lot of time eating and indoor shopping and catching up – would have been nice to have seen more of Chicago on foot.  By the time I got on the last plane home I was feeling it, starting to get more uncomfortable and really, really happy (as the guy in the middle seat next to my aisle seat elbowed me the whole time and then tried to go in front of me to get off the plane once the seatbelt light went off, seriously asshole, wait the 3 seconds for me to get out of here) that it would be my last flight.

The latest with the pregs (warning pregnancy talk and bump photo below)

Since I have very few bump pictures I thought I would post one so you could see what I looked like at around 24 weeks.  Still feels really strange but I enjoy looking at other infertiles’ bump pics so decided to just post one here.  Overall haven’t taken that many preg pictures at all, not sure if that is because I don’t take many pictures in general or that it is all still so surreal to me, but I digress…

Headless bump from Paris hotel room

Headless bump from Paris hotel room

Since the last time I wrote (wow which was a while ago) we did the anatomy ultrasound.  All looked good with the baby but I have a marginal cord insert of the placenta (cue freaked out googling) which my doctor says is very common and just means they want to monitor her growth a little more in the third trimester.  Surprisingly since the original googling I haven’t worried too much about it (maybe because the belly seems to be getting larger every day) and am leaving it to the docs to monitor.  Would love any comments from anyone that has had this and what their experience was.

I am now 27 weeks as of today, I felt pretty good up until this week and now I am having some heartburn issues and problems sleeping well – all no big deal they just make going about my daily life and job slightly harder than normal.  We currently have contractors redoing our master bathroom and kitchen as well as putting in a door to block off my husband’s office (he works from home) so that is likely not helping the situation – so far the bathroom has completely been reduced to the plumbing and studs, I do have a toilet in there for the next week or so but when I get up 4 times a night to pee I have to put on hard sole slippers to walk into the subfloor and plywood they have under the toilet.  Kitchen gets torn out next week so that should be fun to find new and creative things to eat from restaurants that are somewhat healthy and bland enough to not trigger the heartburn.  Not really complaining (or I guess I am, but still so thankful to be complaining about these little things), just explaining what life is like around here, it will all be worth it in the end.

Speaking of baby – we have narrowed down a few name choices (naming a human is hard) and have actual baby stuff in the house – a crib, stroller, carseat, dresser etc.  So shit is starting to feel more real.  None of this is put together or organized mind you, that has to wait until we don’t have boxes of kitchen stuff, light fixtures and spare parts in what will eventually be the baby’s room, but the fact that we have it in our house still blows my mind.

I think that is it for now, next hurdle is the lovely glucose test.  I am thinking of pouring it into a shot glass so I can do ‘shots’ since I have to chug it down in under 5 minutes, may as well have a good laugh out of it.  Am hoping to update more regularly but we’ll see if I have anything to say or if life gets in the way as it has been.  For all of you out there still struggling, I think of you daily and although I am not around as much as I once was I am still here cheering you on and rooting for you always.



12 thoughts on “Planes, Trains and Automobiles…

  1. I had a marginal cord insertion too… just meant a third trimester growth can and weekly NSTs after week 32. All turned out well and baby girl was born happy and healthy. My OB said he routinely sees this in IVF pregnancies.

    • So have you! Was just catching up on your latest post and loved reading about Babykins and how you guys have been doing. Hope he gets over the latest sickness soon and this is the last one for a very long while 🙂

  2. Wooow I’m flattered I was your highlight of the Europe trip 🙂
    It was really great seeing you! And hope to be seeing you and your little girl in the next years at some point.
    You and your bump look gorgeous!
    Best of luck with the glucose test. It’s disgusting but feasible. We’ve done way worse!

  3. You gorgeous beast, I swear you’re psychic. I just came here the other day to leave you a pointed comment about falling off the face of the earth. House reno right now sounds pretty heinous, but admittedly better than with a newborn. Glad everything is going well, and you’re bit freaked about cord thingy.. Freaking never helps anyway, and calm definitely does! Can’t wait for little Olive Martini to get here ❤

    • Haa, you always make me laugh out loud. Just got caught up with your blog as well (Owen is just so sweet, and you sound so very happy). House reno is still happening, and my house is a freaking disaster but hopefully by mid to late April it will be over (please let it be over). You are so sweet to nominate me for an award, have started a draft of my post and come hell or high water am going to get that out this weekend!

  4. Ohhh, you look so beautiful! And the bottom of your hair makes you look a little like Gillian Anderson in The Fall, so I’m going to pretend that’s what you look like. You have been crazy busy, but all your travels look like they have been fun. I hear you on the reflux – I so don’t miss that. The good news is that it really does vanish the moment the baby comes. And the gross glucose test – I remember when I started drinking that crap I thought, “This isn’t so bad!” and then by the end I was so grossed out for it, I could barely gag it down. So, shots sounds like the right idea. Glad you’re hanging in there, I hope the home repairs continue to go well. I’m glad you’re not worrying about the cord stuff. I’m thinking of you and hope we get to hear more from you soon!

    • Thanks! Just sent you an email as well, realized that my email reply to the sleep book was stuck in draft! Things have slowed down somewhat, now I am just trying to get a crapload of work taken care of before I go out on maternity leave. Going to try this weekend to actually get another update on the blog and catch up with everyone!

    • Thanks! The travel was fun but I am very happy to be grounded now and not getting on another plane for a good long while. Love seeing the updates on Baby B!

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