Sisterhood of the World

Well in this case really, badass sisterhood of the infertiles.  I am so honored and thrilled to have been nominated by two lovely blogging ladies for this award.  From A at The Second Bedroom and Kitten at Forever Infertile.  Thank you ladies!

First, the Rules

1.  Link to the person who nominated you

2.  Add the award logo

3.  Answer the questions your nominator asked

4.  Nominate 7 other blogs

5.  Ask your nominees 10 questions.

I’ll start with the questions from The Second Bedroom since she nominated me earlier in the month:

1.  What’s one thing you love about yourself?

I like to think that I am a pretty kind person (infertility has probably made me more empathetic).  My dad always used to say ‘treat people like you want to be treated’ especially when I would come home crying about a kid being mean to me.  He would tell me to remember how bad that made me feel and that I should remember that feeling at times when I want to take out my bad day on someone else.  I’m sure I don’t always succeed at this but I do try.

2.  What makes you and your partner suited to one another?

Our sense of humor and friendship.  We were friends long before we ever dated and I can say that we truly like each other and enjoy each other’s company.  To me that is the most important thing, long after the original dating feelings of excitement have gone away I think it’s super important to actually truly like and love the person that you are with.

3.  What’s a perfect day you’ve had?

Damn lady, these are tough questions.  Hmm… I think the last perfect day that comes to mind was on our vacation to Hawaii.  One of the last days there I got up, did yoga on a bluff overlooking the ocean and then met my husband for a couples massage, also right off of the ocean.  The rest of the day we did very little other than sit around on the beach, but it was heaven to have nowhere to be and nothing to do and be in such a beautiful setting

4.  What’s “your spot” in your home?

Right now since my house is a construction zone I am sitting in our guest bedroom with the dog and a bunch of boxes with our kitchen stuff in them while working from home.  Seems like this will be my spot whenever I am home and people are working here for the next couple of weeks.  When the house is not a disaster I would say my bathtub.  We have a huge bathtub in the master bath and it is my favorite place to relax with a good book.

5.  What would you love to do this weekend?

Honestly, sleep without waking up due to heartburn or the 2:30 am insomnia that I have had for the last 3 nights.  At this point it’s the simple things..

6.  Tell me a story of you as a kid. Any age!

When I was about 4 or 5 I had a panda bear that I named Mr Bear.  Whenever I was annoyed about something or didn’t like someone it was always ‘Mr Bear hates asparagus’ or ‘Mr Bear thinks Ms Smith is a mean lady who hates little children’ or even ‘Mr Bear doesn’t think you are very nice’.  My grandmother found Mr Bear at her house before she died and I now have him here in mine as one of the things that I will pass down to this baby girl.

7.  What’s on your nightstand?

Tums, hand lotion, belly butter, lip balm, my kindle, my phone, my glasses and a large glass of water

8.  Name something off your “bucket list” or just something you hope to someday do.

I would love to live overseas again.  I went to high school in England and loved the experience so very much, I would like my child to experience the world from a different point of view and get to travel at the young age that I did.

9.  What’s your favorite outfit? (Bonus for pics, wedding dress counts!)

Hmm… I love clothing.  Typically my favorite outfits involve a form fitting dress – I like v-necks and knee length, any kind of amazing leather jacket or fitted blazer type thing and incredibly high heals, oh and a large necklace.  I have a thing for large and sparkly necklaces.  I also love jeans and boots, definitely more of a fall clothes girl.  Right now I am definitely not wearing anything close to this, mostly maternity pants, flat shoes and whatever spring-ish shirts I can find that are cheap and fit over the bump.

10.  Say something nice about a fellow blogger!

I have nothing but nice things to say about all these lovely ladies.  From A and Kitten who have been with me from the beginning, to the newer ladies that I have met recently.  This community has laughed with me, cried with me, and kept me sane for the three years of infertility hell.  These ladies have taught me what strength really is as well as empathy and  compassion not just for others going through infertility but for people struggling with all sorts of issues that I may or may not be able to understand and identify with.

And now from Kitten at Forever Inferfile:

1.  What is your favorite book of all time and why?

This is a hard one, I love to read and can’t really function without having a book available to me at all times.  I guess if I had to pick favorite of all time I would pick the Harry Potter series (cheating as I realize it is more than one book).

2.  What is your proudest accomplishment?

Honestly, surviving infertility with a shred of dignity and sanity left.  These last 3 years have been pretty rough and make may scholastic and professional accomplishments seem pretty easy to obtain in contrast.

3.  What is your favorite memory?

Probably going to or watching football games with my dad.  He was a big Denver Broncos fan and we watched games all throughout my childhood, and when I was in college I would call him at halftime every single Sunday during the game.  He has been gone for 4 years now today (which I just realized when looking at the date) so it seems like a bit of a sign to be thinking of him this morning.

4.  If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would you do?

Sleep for 8 uninterrupted hours, followed by drinking a bottle of fabulous champagne.

5.  What did you want to be when you were young?

I started out wanting to be a vet, I have always loved animals and helped out in caring for them.  As I got older I realized that I don’t have the strength, I deal with my dogs being hurt, sick or passing away far worse than I can handle any human emergency.  After I got a little older I was pretty seriously into dance and wanted to be either a ballerina or musical theater actress and dancer.  I definitely never thought I would end up in software (although mostly because it didn’t really exist when I was a kid other than Carmen Sandiego and Oregon Trail).

6.  If you were to create a piece of art, what would the subject be, or what would the medium be? (Or both, if you wish.)

It would be through dance, something along the lines of Swan Lake or Giselle.

7.  How do you want to be remembered?

As someone who was kind and treated all people and animals with respect.

8.  What’s your greatest talent?

Nowadays, probably public speaking.  I have done a bunch of press and large speaking engagements for work and really like connecting with an audience and telling a story, even if it is a story about technology and software.

9.  How do you get to work?

I drive, it’s about 13 miles over a bridge to my office.  It is at least a pretty drive though and I take the time to listen to podcasts and call friends and family when I get stuck in traffic, which is pretty often.

10.  Create your own question! Ask and answer, anything you want.

What is your best meal ever (can be courses from various restaurants or meals)?  This is a game we always play as a family.  My answer currently is the goat cheese salad from Cafe Campagne in Seattle as a starter, seafood risotto from Miky in Monterosso in Italy as my main, and goat cheese souffle from Araxi restaurant in Whistler BC as my dessert.

As for nominations I want to nominate anyone that I have following me that is new to blogging or the community, a lot of us have been here for a while and I would love to know more about some of the new ladies among us!  And you can pick from any of the questions above to mix and match until you get to 10 – they are such good ones that I don’t think I can come up with any better.

That is it for now, I promise a pregs update soon – maybe even (gasp) a second post this week!


2 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World

  1. These are such great answers! I learned a lot about you! ☺ I want to know more about the high school thing, though. Was it boarding school? Did your family move there? So cool! And ahh Hawaii. I couldn’t live there but I had a perfect day there, too. Palm trees, a good book, and swimming with a sea turtle!

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