False Alarm

Went in and they set me up on the NST machine (my first time for that).  Basically it is a machine with a sensor that gets belted to you for the baby’s heartbeat and another to monitor contractions.  Baby girl did not seem to like the sensor at all, she moved a ton right after they put it on, making it hard for the nurse to get her heart rate on the machine.   Eventually she settled down and they were able to place it.  Good news is that she looked great and I am not having contractions, so they assume that the pain is from her dropping down into my pelvis (ouch).  I have my regular dr’s appointment tomorrow morning so they will check my cervix and do the Strep-B test.  Will let you guys know how that goes, thanks for thinking of me today and sending good thoughts for baby girl to stay put for another couple of weeks.  I’m thinking 39 weeks would be a great time to have a baby (and yes I realize this is not at all under my control and I am tempting fate, but oh well, a girl can ask).


14 thoughts on “False Alarm

  1. I would LOVE Owen to have a cousin close in age, but OMG I do not want my baby sister to get pregnant. Thankfully there’s not much danger of any of my sibs getting knocked up or knocking anyone else up. Hooray birth control! But I can see how conflicting it would be.

    So glad your reno is done! I threw fits about the weirdest things my last week or so. But I completely expected to go past 40 weeks. Naughty O. But I’m sure Matt was glad to end the craziness.

    Good luck! I hope your babe keeps cooking a couple more weeks and comes without too much complication xoxo

    • Yay for birth control for those that do not need to be procreating! I’m getting over the conflicting feelings about it, I am happy about a new niece or nephew, but wary of the drama that it might bring when my mother moves out here, but oh well. O is just so adorable, I love seeing the updates on your blog, keep them coming! Oh and I have the socks you sent me over a year ago in my hospital bag, hopefully I have a uncomplicated enough birth to wear them at some point 🙂

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