37 and 39

Wednesday was my 37th birthday, although we didn’t do much it was definitely a much happier birthday than the last 2 (my 34th birthday was when we started trying while on vacation in Italy but didn’t yet realize that my eggs are crap).

Thursday marked 39 weeks pregnant.  I went to the doctor that morning feeling pretty crappy, they took my blood pressure and it was much higher than normal (I am one of those people with ridiculously low blood pressure normally).  My sister had to be induced to to blood pressure issues late in pregnancy so this wasn’t a huge shock.  My doctor decided to check my cervix (I’m only at 1/2 cm, but that was better than 0 the following week) then they took my blood, urine and put me on the NST machine and took more blood pressure readings.  It went down a little bit during the NST and baby looked good, but they did see that I was having contractions as well.  None that were super strong or in any sort of pattern, but at least something is happening in there.  Since everything looked  decent they decided to place me on modified bed rest and have me go back in tomorrow (Saturday) to triage at the hospital for another check and NST test.  Blood work came back later in the day without any indicators of pre-eclampsia but I am to stay on bed rest and see what happens during the check tomorrow, if the blood pressure is still high they need to induce me they will.

Later that day I went to my acupuncturist and she did a bunch of points to encourage labor, they definitely seemed to be working as I was contracting in a decent amount of pain during the treatment and into last night.  I was able to go to sleep last night, however, and slept decently without any other major contractions, so another false alarm but I’m hoping it is a sign we are getting closer.  People keep saying to time the contractions but they are not quite like that (at least for me), it’s more a continual tightness and then some pain, but they don’t seem to go away completely.  The doctors tell me that I will know when it’s real labor, hoping they are right, we’ll see…

I still can’t believe that we will have an actual baby in 2 weeks max (they will definitely induce if I go a week over as a safety precaution, which I am down with).  I realize intellectually that there is a baby in my uterus, but somehow I still can’t picture her coming out and being a little human, perhaps everyone goes through this, or perhaps it’s just another  little mind fuck of infertility.  My birth plan is as follows (literally) – healthy, alive baby, me as little torn up and in pain as is possible.  I figure if I go into labor with as little expectations as possible it hopefully will be a more positive experience.

In other news, our house remodel literally had the finishing touches put on it this morning, nothing like really taking it down to the wire.  Of course there is still a long list of cleaning and other stuff that I want to get done before the baby (holy crap still weird to say that) comes so I just emailed my husband a 10 item prioritized list (type A much?) of all the fun chores he gets to do while I am hanging out in bed.

I think that is it for now, will try to update after my check tomorrow if I can – would be even more awesome to just go into labor tonight, but I don’t think I am in charge of how this happens…


5 thoughts on “37 and 39

  1. I couldn’t believe Owen existed until they pulled him out and he started to cry (I still hadn’t seen him). I kept repeating “That’s my baby! That’s my baby!” because I was in such shock that he was a real live person breathing and crying and existing as an separate being.

    I hope you go I your own soon! I never had any contractions (stupid scheduled c-section) so I can’t help you there, but I’m wishing you luck! xoxo

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