September 9th

True story, I got in the car with AV to run a few errands on Wednesday (the one year anniversary of our transfer) and as it always does, my phone connected to the car’s bluetooth.  This time though, instead of playing the podcast that I had been listening to only moments before, my phone randomly pulled up the Circle + Bloom FET transfer session, something that I hadn’t listened to since a year ago that day.  Crazy right?  I have no explanation for it other than it must have been a sign from the universe and a reminder of just how lucky we are.

A year ago on September 9th we were at CCRM for the transfer of two embryos, one of which made it and ended up growing into this amazing, funny, spirited almost 4 month old baby that is sitting here next to me right now.  I don’t post many pictures of her on the internets but wanted to share this one with you.  Here is AV in what we call her ‘CCRM onesie’.


This picture was taken shortly before we went out to an early dinner with her on Wednesday and while I don’t know if anyone that saw us out that night understood what it meant, maybe someday it will be a conversation starter to share our story.


13 thoughts on “September 9th

    • I know, how fucking weird is it that that circle and bloom (or any circle and bloom episode, haven’t listened since pregs) would come up! Hope all is still going well with you guys!

  1. My FET date is coming up soon too. I have also been thinking of lucky we are. I remember the nervousness and excitement getting closer to the FET date. And our holidays in Japan over the summer, with me stopping to add my wish in one of the trees of the tanabata festival. It all seems so magic now…
    Love the t-shirt, but love even more that beautiful smiley face! What a gorgeous baby girl!!
    What a difference a year makes!
    Big hug to you my dear. xx

    • Huge hug to you too! I had her in the adorable little dress you gave her last winter, will email a picture of it soon. Hope all is well with your little darling as well!

  2. Such a wonderful way to remember your FET! Ours FET anni is October 8th …our babies are close in age! I just bought that awesome onesie in white and navy from etsy for a friend of mine who just found out her IVF baby is a boy. I hope she loves it as much as you do! Your little one is adorable!

  3. That is a great onesie! I always thought about getting one similar but I feel weird about it because we didn’t do IVF and I feel like those are more for IVF babes. But yeah, thank you science! The playlist thing is just too weird.

    • I don’t think it is weird at all, in my opinion any treatment is science, from medicated cycles, IUIs and all the way into the hell that is IVF. I need to catch up on your blog as well, every time I do I can’t help but think that your baby is just so damn adorable!

  4. Yes, so lucky! I love it when the universe sends signs like that. Haven’t seen that onesie, but I dig it. I debated and then decided to include a picture of Z as an embryo in her baby book. Will be a conversation starter for those that know what they are looking at. I can’t believe AV is almost 4 months already. So cute and bald 🙂

    • I love the embryo in the baby book idea, I’ll have to borrow that one as well. I need to catch up on your blog and all things Z, definitely may need your advice on solids (cannot freaking believe she will be starting solids in a few months, insane).

  5. Love that onesie! When I think of the first picture of our daughter, I think about the ultrasound that showed her as an egg on one of my ovaries. So crazy. So happy that you are where you are one year later.

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