I am a 35 year old who lives with her husband in the Pacific Northwest.  I love food, wine, dogs (especially my dog) and sometimes running and yoga.  I am generally fairly sarcastic, pessimistic and I swear a lot.  If you know me in real life you have stumbled across my private blog.  It may have things about me or this process that you do not need or want to know – mostly about my struggles with my lady bits.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. I can totally relate to parts of your TTC timeline – the whole, yeah…not in a rush, I just got married. Mmmm, still not in a rush – what’s the rush anyway? And then you’re suddenly on the wrong side of 35, and you’re sitting there thinking – wtf, where did the time go and wth am I supposed to do now? I swear, I was never one of those “biological clock” women; I was never one of those OMG I’M SO OLD women – until a battery of medical appointments basically came across as a big flashing message that might as well have said I was ready to be retired out to pasture as an octogenarian.

    • I know, it’s so crazy how this infertility thing takes over your life and insults you into feeling like an old lady! I thought for sure starting at age 34 would be no problem and now I’m almost 36 (ha, if only I had known).

      • Tell me about it!! You know, my husband and I thought we were going about this the right way – not trying to start a family right after we got married so we could settle into our life together, enjoy being newlyweds, travel etc. By the time we realized something was really wrong, we unhappily ended up in a situation where other family issues took precedence – and now it’s like being in a boat that’s taking on more and more water, trying to figure out how to stay afloat instead of sink…

    • Oh my god, that is so freaking fabulous, I am honored!! I’m out for a little while in the sun without much internet but will Liebster it up as soon as I get home. Thank you again lady!

  2. Hi again. I came across your post and wrote a comment on your calendar post. I am also in Seattle going to Denver mid May. Do you work with SRM as your local clinic?

    • I know! I also never wanted to get married… I’m starting to think that I may just have commitment issues. But once I do commit I am definitely all in, as evidenced by the last 3 years of my life.

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