TTC Timeline

Ugh, it’s kind of depressing to write it all out like this…

June 2008

We get married, yay!  I have no desire to have kids, we focus on traveling, drinking and eating.

2009 – 2010

Still no plans to have a family – having fun still traveling, eating and drinking – also started running resulting in a bunch of half marathons

October 2011

Decide that I don’t want to go through the rest of my life without experiencing motherhood.  Tell my husband that I want to start trying for a baby.  He is shocked.  We live in a tiny space that still needs to be fixed up before we can sell it so decide to wait before trying for a baby.  I (stupidly/naively) assume it will be easy to get pregnant.

Go off birth control (which I have been on since I was 15).

January 2012

Finally get a period, 3 months after going off birth control.  Start reading books about fertility and decide to start temping and tracking so that I will be ready when we start trying.  Charts show that I am ovulating, but my cycles are 40-50 days long.  Seems strange to me.

March 2012

Go to gynecologist.  She says to try for 6 months and come back if it doesn’t work.  I should have pushed more about the 40-50 day cycles but assume it is not an issue.

May 2012

Go on big trip to Italy, decide it would be the perfect time to try for a baby – tracking ovulation by cycle still around 40 days.  Come back and have my first BFN.

May – October 2012

Still long cycles, temping, tracking and peeing on tons of ovulation and clear blue sticks.  All negative pregnancy tests.

October 2012

Go back to gynecologist.  I think my thyroid may have something to do with it since my mom has major thyroid issues.  She does a bunch of tests with the following results:

FSH – 7.6 (<10 normal)

Estrodial – 34 (<50 normal)

TSH – 5.53 (0.3 < 5.0 normal) – put on Synthroid for hypothyroidism

AMH – 2.1 (normal, almost low)

Synthroid shortens the cycles by 10 days, but still no positive pregnancy tests

February 2013

Decide that it’s time to go to a Reproductive Endocrinologist.  Go to appointment and she puts us on Femara/Letrozole with timed intercourse for first cycle in March. BFN

April – June 2013

3 IUIs with HCG trigger shot – each ends in BFN

July – September 2013

IVF #1 is a miserable failure  – see IVF #1, aka ‘abnormal eggs, wtf does that mean?’ for more details

September – October 2013

Taking a break and trying ‘naturally’ to see if we can end up with a miracle before moving on to IVF #2.  50 day cycle and no miracle – onto IVF #2.

October – December 2013

IVF #2 – Ganirelix/Antagonist Protocol – Suppression check scheduled for 11/16.  Egg retrieval we get 20 eggs this time (yay) but only 4 fertilize – confirming that we do have an egg quality problem.  Transfer 2 good looking 8-cells on Day 3.  December 15th – negative beta.

December 2013 – January 2014

Drinking.  Eating.  Going to the gym.  Whatever it takes to get my life my own again, even if it’s for a small amount of time.  Consult scheduled at CCRM for 12/31 to map out where we go from here.

January – March 2014

Take all the supplements suggested by Dr G at CCRM (see post on all the supplements for more details)

March 2014

Day 3 bloodwork and ODWU at CCRM – supplements appear to be helping and all is looking as good as it can be

April 2014

Down regulation begins for IVF #3 at CCRM

May 2014

Stims and retrieval (May 28th)

12 fertilized, 7 made it to biopsy, blast and freeze (never made it to day 5 before, believe it is the magic of the CCRM protocol and CCRM lab that gave us such a good shot)

Late June 2014

Find out the results of our CCS testing – 2 out of the 7 were normal.  One is 5AB, the other is 4BC

September 9, 2014

Transfer both CCS normal embryos

September 14, 2014

First ever BFP

October 6, 2014

Ultrasound where we see one baby measuring well with a heartbeat of 125!

October 9, 2014

Find out that it is a girl!

May 24, 2015

Alice Virginia (aka baby Olive) is born happy and healthy!


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