Stims Day 12 – is this ever going to end?

So it’s day 12 today.  Had my monitoring appointment yesterday (day 11) and the follicles were growing, although a little slower than previous days (last IVF I triggered on day 11).  They wanted to see me in again today and were thinking I would likely trigger tonight.  Went in this morning and the growth is still slow, I only have one follicle at 18, and that one is barely.  So they are going to see if my estrogen is rising as expected and discuss me during rounds – but am scheduled for monitoring tomorrow and now the assumption is trigger tomorrow night.  They told me this is nothing to get concerned about yet, but I am getting really scared.  I can’t help but over analyze ever single thing looking for signs of failure.  I think this is true of all of us in this shitty situation, we know too much, and that knowledge of everything that can go wrong is terrifying.  I just really, really can’t handle this failing as badly as last time, even if I don’t get pregnant I need to at least know that I can produce a few good quality eggs to give us a chance.  Going to return to googling ‘IVF stimming over 12 days success stories’ to try and find some happy stories to alleviate the growing fear in the pit of my stomach.  Will update with another post once I get my estradiol numbers and here back from them on the plan.


9 thoughts on “Stims Day 12 – is this ever going to end?

  1. I’m so sorry – that is so stressful. I know it’s not the same, but a lot of women on Clomid would get giant follicles and have their IUIs on day 11 or 12. I never had mine earlier than day 14, and usually it was 15 or later. My eggs just seem to grow a little more slowly under stims. My fingers are crossed that this cycle is going to go well and you’re going to have a MUCH better outcome than last time. I hope you find a bunch of success stories and they make you feel better. Have hope.

    • Thanks lady – trying to hope and not let the fear takeover, but I’m not sure the hormones are helping with my emotional state. Googling for once has helped (I should quit now and never google infertility stuff again).

  2. I talked to my Doctor today about the length of stimming… like you, I’m on day 12 today. She said there’s no “magic number” and that there’s no number of days that is a hard and fast rule for stopping. We all react differently, and maybe the follicles reacting a little slower is a good thing? Maybe it means our eggs are being perfectly formed… slowly, carefully and with amazing potential.

    Fingers crossed for both of us xxx

    • Thanks, I so very much needed to hear this right now :). You have helped me get down off of the ledge. My first IVF was just such a disaster that when anything deviates or seems abnormal I have a tendency to go straight to freak out mode. I love the idea of perfectly formed eggs that are slowly realizing their potential!

  3. I was a very slow responder in my first round as well. The second round, they didn’t suppress me first and I responded WAY better (8 days of stims vs 14 first round) and got more, better quality eggs. I really hope this round gives you the one golden egg you need, but if not, maybe ask about not suppressing you so much before next round?

    • Thanks Heather, we did not do Lupron this time (they did it the first time and I was way, way over suppressed). But we did still do the BCP – so maybe I am just super sensitive to any suppressants. Hopefully this is just me reading to much into it (as so many lovely ladies are commenting to help me get off the ledge and hold onto hope) but love the feedback on what has worked for others if I end up having to do this again!

      • I agree with what all of these ladies have said. There’s definitely no magic number of days to stim, it’s all about getting one good quality egg! And in many cases, slow and steady is the way to win the race 🙂 Sending you good vibes!

  4. I think everyone is different hon and there’s no specific formula for days of Stims. Fingers crossed tomorrow is it! And praying you get some perfect eggs!

    • Thanks, I really appreciate the kind words and helping me to get off the ledge, and also the prayers, me and my eggs can definitely use those. I also hope that you feel less crappy tomorrow than you do today – will have my fingers crossed for you to continue with beautifully growing eggs even if you don’t feel great 🙂

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